Summer is Beginning featuring S&P

Pre-shower before pool featuring S&P Catalina Interactive Swimsuit

Today, I’m Just hanging out with my friend Maia on this lovely Sunday. We are trying to catch some rays and escaping from reality. It’s nice that things are starting to heat up for summer and I can wear my lovely S&P Catalina interactive bikini that reacts to the water on SL or you can control the wetness and water drops via HUD. We enjoyed our time together in the pool and just talking about fashion and guys and all the things that besties do.

Photos by: Maia McKeenan


Style card:

S&P Catalina interactive bikini
Truth Delicate Hair in Blonde
*Bee Designs* Tiki Shower
.peaches.Anthem Beach Chair – Towel – Sand (ADULT)
KraftWork Outdoor Pool at Uber

On Maia:

S&P Deliah interactive bikini


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