Flower Dreams featuring Luxe Paris


Aealla Illyar LUXE Paris LotY 2
Luxe Paris Jazzy

This was one of my looks for the Luxe Paris Look of the Year 2017.  When I saw the Luxe Paris Jazzy outfit, I immediately thought it resembled a flower with the petal-like skirt. I loved the bold violet color and thought it would look striking on the runway. I wanted to represent this outfit showcasing the flower element of the skirt.

The winner of Luxe Paris Look of the Year 2017 was Naarnisse!  Congratulations!
I was first runner-up.   2nd runner-up was Leezah Kaddour and Third runner-up was Becky Kenaan.  Congratulations to my fellow models who tried out for this event. It was a lot of fun.

All the details and pictures on the 15th at http://www.manierasl.mymaniera.com and in ModeLS and Confidencial magazines in-world!

Photo: Stavaros


Style Card

Luxe Paris Jazzy
*Lode* Fuchisia Crown purple yellow
Persefona Floating Rose Petals violet
EarthStones Butterfly necklace -flirt
EarthStones Solitare Stud
N-Core Butterfly shoes
Truth Ivana


2 Comments Add yours

  1. CindyL says:

    Beautiful Aealla and Stav! I am sure Mika and Paris love this!

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