The Seduction featuring [Aleutia] and ExMachina

Dual Shoot Center
Aealla – [Aleutia] Danielle.  Stavaros – ExMachina briefs
In my mind, I see you clearly. The look, the touch, the feel makes my senses arise. You lure me and I try to resist your calling, but I am weak.

Dual Shoot

Dual Shoot 1

Dual Shoot 2

Dual Shoot 3

Aleutia Lingerie
[Aleutia] Danielle
“Danielle” is an amazing new release from [Aleutia], exclusively available @ On9, beginning today and running through the end of the month. “Danielle” is a beautiful bodysuit that fits like a glove, with gorgeous lace design flowing across your curves. Adding a bit of naughty that makes it oh so nice, there is a fun leather harness that buckles around the waist and thighs. This is an incredible addition for those who like to dress it up or dress it down and perfect for mixing and matching pieces. Available with our signature 30 color HUD and in sizes Physique, Hourglass, Maitreya, Freya, Isis, and Venus.

Photo: Stavaros
For more info. on Aleutia:

Visit Stavaros blog for the complete story:

Style Card:

[Aleutia] Danielle in Sheer available at On9
Dead Dollz Nudite stockings in first picture only.
.aisling Nillia earrings
.aisling Nura Collar


Dual Shoot 4
ExMachina Briefs

[Aleutia] Danielle SHEER


[Aleutia] Danielle


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  1. Fabulous! Well done Aealla and Stav! Very creative!

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