The Joy of Spring featuring Luxe Paris

Luxe Paris happy
Luxe Paris Meadow tank and skirt. Luxe Paris Indigo for men.

Yay! I just love Spring and all the beauty that starts to come alive after the dead of winter. Today, I found the most beautiful flower and I couldn’t wait to show my brother, Stavaros. Of course, I broke out in a little song. He doesn’t seem as excited as I am nor does he seem to like my singing but I don’t care. I’ll do my little happy dance anyway!

Luxe Paris  resting.png
Little chill time

After all the excitement, Stav and I were talking and he was telling me one of his stories. So, if you know Stavaros you know he can ramble. It did just the trick and I fell asleep! Now, I hope the cat doesn’t attack the dog!

I am wearing the Luxe Paris Meadow Tank Top and Skirt from Luxe Paris for SOS – Doctor’s Without Borders. Stavaros is wearing Luxe Paris Indigo Tee and Pant Set available at the Mens Zone event. Be sure to go get your copies today!

See Stavaros blog:

Thanks for the photo’s and fun Stav!

Luxe Paris Meadow Tank Top and Skirt
Yummy! Gemstone Accent Necklace
[The Forge] Tri Bangle Silver
Pink Acid Mermaids Starfish and Pearl Ring Coral from gatcha
*Lode* Blossoms single peony
Lamb. Empty


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