The Gentle Breeze featuring Luxe Paris

Luxe Paris Seafoam
Luxe Paris Seafoam dress and Absinthe outfit for men.

This lovely Seafoam dress from Luxe Paris is a reminiscence of the beach. With thoughts of walking along the beach with your beau and the gentle waves rolling around, one only has to close their eyes and imagine. Here I’m modeling with my brother Stavaros, and he looks handsome in the Luxe Paris Absinthe outfit. We both stop and take a picture in our outfits outside of the house before going off to meet with our friends.

Photo by Stavaros. See his blog for his outfit:

Style Card:

Luxe Paris Seafoam dress
#Empire Azalea
Lassitude & ennui Bewitched love ring Bento set
EarthStones Anara Bracelet
EarthStones Krishna Bell necklace
imbude. puka shell choker
Tableau Vivant Hairplay Side blow available at the Arcade in March


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