So It Goes Like That featuring Luxe Paris

Luxe Paris Shaprie far
Luxe Paris Sharpie

This dress from Luxe Paris is called Sharpie. It is a lovely, sexy black and white print dress. The details in the dress are awesome. It features a cut-out in the bodice of the dress. The back of the dress accentuates your backside. This dress invoked different pattern mixing ideas from me. It’s a fun dress to either keep tonal for a urbaner chic look or mix in some bright colors with for a more pop look. The choices are yours.

Photo by Stavaros

Style Card:

Luxe Paris Sharpie Dress
Phedora Angelica Boots
Luxe Orissa Bangle Black
AvaWay Nikki Necklace
Yummy Caprice bracelet
Foxes LuxeBox August Party gift Headphones
#Foxy Drogon Hair


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