He’s Twisting My Arm! featuring Luxe Paris

luxe-paris-ocean-dress-w-stavLuxe Paris Ocean Dress and Luxe Paris Men Calvinn

So I was hanging out with my brother, Stavaros and we were talking about doing a dual blog.  As we were getting ready, we started joking around, and the big brat started twisting my arm!!!  Can you believe it??  Brothers!  I have something planned for him later.   I might let my little dog eat his shoe.  I’m still thinking about it.

Stavaros is wearing Luxe Paris Men Calvinn and I’m wearing Luxe Paris Ocean Dress.  I think Stavaros did a wonderful job with the photo.  Please visit his blog: http://simplystavaros.wordpress.com

Style Card:

LUXE Paris OCEAN Dress
phedora / Alice heels available at Enchantment
pr!tty – Darla
(Yummy) Diamond Stud
Bauhaus Movement – Duchess Necklace / White Pearls available at Enchantment


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