A Little on the Sweet Side featuring Luxe Paris


Luxe Paris Sangria Mini Dress with Scarf

This is a cute little casual dress from Luxe Paris.  It comes in this lovely coral shade with complimentary colors in the designs.  It also features a scarf that you can add for chiller moments or take off when it starts to heat up.

Thank you again to Stavaros to help me with my blogger pictures today!

Style Card:

LUXE Paris Sangria Mini Dress and Scarf
#Empire Buddeja
Lamb. Cat Rider – available at Collobor88
Astralia Blanche Headband
Yummy Diamond Studs
*AvaWay* CLAIRE Bracelets
*AvaWay* Cats Neckace #1 Rare from gatcha
Cae Eternity
Cae Loved
Mandala Billionaire watch



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Really cute! Love the look!!

  2. Love this!! Thanks for sharing 😀
    Ashley Miller

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