Just need some coffee…featuring PRISM

PRISM Penny Lane close up.png
Prism Penny Lane

It’s early in the morning and Journey has me up early wanting to work on some store items and I’m so tired, but noooooooooooo… she wants me up.  I have to get my coffee and now she tells me she wants me to feed the dog.  He’s so cute though.  So after I have a cup of Joe, I’m ready to work.

Prism Penny Lane dress is adorable.  It can be worn with the lace overlay or alone.  It is fabulous with either option.  It comes in a fabric HUD with four different options for the inner and outer layers.

PRISM Penny Lane.jpg
Prism Penny Lane

You can see in the picture above, that me and my dear friend Indigo Avonside modeling for the vendor picture.  Journey had us outside in the cold and snow…. brrr…. Hope you enjoy!

Style Card for Picture One only.

PRISM Penny Lane. Now available at Fusion 101
[monso]  – Jihyo available at Kustom9
*LODE* –  Kuta
(Yummy)  – Gemstone Accent Necklace
(Yummy)  – Diamond Studs
Cae –  Springtime charm bracelet from Gatcha
JIAN Beagle from Luxe Box November 2016


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Adorable! and you too! lol…thank you for always rising and shining with me! lol…even when one of us does not feel much like it and lately it is you dragging me along. That’s what friends are for. So glad you are my friend!

  2. Thank you Journey. You are such a great soul and a great friend.

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