The Burn II with The Edge and Kultivate


The Edge Burn II.png
DaVinci takes flight

I had the honor of walking in Kultivate/The Edge Burn II on October 22nd.  What an amazing experience.  My mission to create an outfit inspired by DaVinci.  I chose these beautiful wings from Bauhaus to be the focal point of my outfit.  All the models did a fabulous job creating their outfits to fit within the theme of this show. Truly some of the most amazing and creative people.  Elesern Brianna did an amazing job with the show script and everything related to that event.


=Zenith= –  Wood Elf Ranger dress – in black RARE gatcha

=Zenith= – Wood Elf Ranger Chain Belt – gatcha

=Zenith= – Wood Elf Ranger Leather Long boots – black – gatcha

Bauhaus Movement –  DaVinci Demon wings

.aisling – Maeve upper arm – gatcha

.aisling – Maeve bracers – gatcha

.no match – No_Sleep

SlackGirl – Geisha Makeup

SlackGirl – Limited 08


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