Halloween! Featuring PRISM at SWANK

PRISM Leticia Gothic Witch

Wonderfully sexy outfit, PRISM Leticia Gothic Witch by Journey McLaglen.  Although this outfit is styled for Halloween, you can wear these parts separate.  It features a leather bolero top with silver buckles, a tube top and a mesh leather skirt with lace details at the bottom.  Journey included as a bonus a witch hat and broom as a bonus gift when you purchase this ensemble at the SWANK events. I am wearing my own witch hat and broom for this picture.  Journey McLaglen did shoot the picture of me as we were preparing the vendor ad, but I thought it was such a great shot.   Photo was taken at Foggy Swamp .

A little background on the story of the styling of this outfit, I was trying on different hairs and showing Journey the things I bought at the Salem Event, when I tried on the Tableau Vivant Blair II.  She loved it and thought it would be great to make this goth outfit, a goth witch.  But she did not want me to style the outfit, too scary.  She said the witch should be pretty.  I told her witches are not pretty, except on the Witches of East End and Charmed.  LOL.   I think I met her somewhere in the middle, although the picture does not show a close enough look.  Hope you enjoy the look.

Outfit:  Prism Leticia Gothic Witch available at SWANK events this October.

Hat/Hair: Tableau Vivant  Blair II Hair available at Salem Event

Broom: Boudoir Haunted Witch Broom. Available on Marketplace

Boots:  Maitreya Thigh High Boots in Licorice

Make-up: Ghost’Ink   The Crow – used eyeshadow and lips only

Tattoo:  Ghost’Ink   The Damned. Used chest tattoo only.


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