Staying cool in Purple Sun by Luxe Paris


Luxe Paris Purple Sun at Storybrook Gardens

Enjoying a day, looking around and exploring, SL has so many wonderful sims. I was running around with my BFF, Journey and she took me to this whimsical sim called, Storybrook Gardens. It has so many wonderful things to look at and try. I picked a beautiful sunflower and rode a bike. I think I looked pretty smashing in my newest outfit from Luxe Paris called Purple Sun. It reminds of something retro and a nod to the 70’s, so I just rolled with it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Taken at Storybrook Gardens

Journey McLaglen took this lovely picture of me here. She is so talented as a photographer! In this picture, I thought I would show how talented I am to ride a bike and blow bubblegum at the same time.  LOL.

Outfit:  Luxe Paris Purple Sun.  Includes sweater, leggings, sweater around waist and boots!

Hair:  Vanity Hair Talamasca

Necklace:  EarthStones Peace & Love necklace (gift box)

Earrings:  Yummy! Diamond Studs

Ring: Yummy! Twinkling Star

Nails:  The Beautiful Plastik Machine  Graphene Nails.

Glasses:  Izzy’s  70’s Glasses

In First picture:  Exposeur Sunflower and pose.  In-world store closed.  Find on marketplace

In Second picture:  PinkFuel Yum Bubblegum! on marketplace  




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